The Whann Technology Group owns, develops and manages software platforms, mobile applications and online marketplaces for auctions, dealers and consumers in the wholesale and retail automotive, wine and real estate industries. Companies in the Group’s portfolio include: WhannTech, Auction Tech and its subsidiary AWG Remarketing, Auction Management Technology, and Keith’s Car List.

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The auction industry's premier simulcast platform is in use at over 130 wholesale automobile auctions in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom.

Provides marketplaces, simulcast platforms and various software solutions and related data analytics that help businesses in the automotive, wine and real estate industries operate with greater efficiency and profitability.

The auction industry's most intuitive auction management system is a complete customizable Windows based system providing auction customers with the ability to operate in a more efficient and profitable fashion.

Provides mobile applications for dealers, consumers and auctions with solutions for all aspects of the automotive industry.

An easy to use and intuitive search portal with over 1.5 million vehicles as well as resources and information driven by the leading authority in the automotive industry, the Car Counselor.